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Classification and Advantages of High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors
Visit:4281次  Date:2022-09-22
The main function of high-voltage ceramic capacitors is to eliminate high-frequency interference. Most of them are used in negative ion products, lasers, X-ray machines, control and measurement equipment, high-voltage packages, igniters, generators, transformers, power equipment, voltage doubling modules, welding machines, electrostatic spraying and other electromechanical equipment that require high voltage and high frequency. It can be divided into the following three categories:

Class I porcelain: NP0, with good temperature characteristics, frequency characteristics and voltage characteristics. Because the dielectric constant is not high, the capacity is not large;
Class II porcelain: X7R takes the second place, with good temperature and voltage characteristics;
Class III porcelain: the dielectric constant is high, so the capacity can be very large, but the temperature characteristics and voltage characteristics are not very good. Ceramic chip capacitors are generally small in size. In addition, another important feature is emphasized: after the breakdown of ceramic capacitors, they are often in a short circuit state. (This is its weakness) After the film capacitor fails, it is generally in an open circuit state.

High voltage ceramic capacitors have the following advantages:
1. High voltage resistance and low loss
2. Good frequency characteristics and high stability
3. The special series structure is suitable for the long-term working reliability of high-voltage poles
4. High current climbing rate and applicable to non inductive structure of high current loop
5. High insulation resistance and long service life

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